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The Results You Want. Sooner.
Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic One
Synaptic Overview:
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Better execution and effective cost reduction for durable higher profitability. Sooner.
That's what Synaptic Consutling helps clients do through our service portfolion spanning Project Management, Product Development, Value Engineering, and a wide array of C-Level management support services -- all delivered via Consulting, Training, and Business Process Outsourcing.

Synaptic Consulting's expertise span a variety of industries and functional areas such as
  • Manufacturing
    • Mechatronics and Robotics
    • Internet of Things
    • MRP Systems
  • Project and Program Management
    • Risk Modulated Project Management℠
    • Advanced Estimation Methodologies
    • Project Remediation
  • Fintech
    • Blockchain applications
    • Cryptography and Data Security
    • Counterfeit detection
    • Moneylaundering detection via heuristics and Big Data
    • Smart Cards
    • Biometrics
  • Business Intelligence Systems Integrating
    • Big Data / Data Analytics
    • Heuristics / AI
    • Static and Predictive Analytics
  • Full Stack Web and Mobile Development
Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic CTO and Co-Founding Partner delivers a brief service portfolio walk-through of how Synaptic Consulting works with clients across numberous industries, throughout the Americas, the E.U., APAC, and emerging economies such as the nations of Eastern Europe to achieve the results they want. Sooner.

...Look for releases throughout March and April of '18.

Our recently released Risk Modulated Project Management℠ video presented by Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic CTO and a co-founding partner is now available at: Synaptic Video Library