Synaptic NFC Capabilities
An Overview
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Brief Near Field Communication (NFC) Background

To put Synaptic’s many NFC-related development services in context, a brief overview of the technology’s evolution is in order.

NFC Origins

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology paved the way for today’s NFC devices. RFID tags communicate over-the-air to a reader at distances ranging (depending on tag and reader type) from a few inches to several feet. This communication is one-way; a tag sends an ID code to a reader. RFID tags can be used to identify virtually any physical object, and are commonly affixed to:

Synaptic's Partners and Associates have been “here from the beginning” of NFC technology. We're a “one stop shop” with capabilities in all technologies necessary to produce NFC-based systems for virtually any application in virtually any industry.

NFC technology evolved from RFID to provide two-way communication between any two enabled devices. This technology is often employed to:

NFC-Based Systems Combine Multiple Technologies

By themselves, NFC devices do nothing. They are employed as part of an overall system that performs the desired business or consumer function. Technologies commonly employed in NFC-based systems include:

Synaptic NFC Capabilities

Synaptic Partners and Associates Have Been “Here From the Beginning” of NFC Technology

Synaptic Partner and Technology Practice Leader Jeffrey Anthony (more here and here) has served as an individual contributor, system architect, and project manager in the NFC, Contactless Smart Card, and RFID space for more than two decades.

In a variety of engineering and operations roles at an international security systems manufacturing company in the late ‘80s, Jeffrey spearheaded the use of both:

As Engineering Chief for Smart Card manufacturer and systems developer ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH throughout the ‘90s, he played a pivotal role in the development of contactless smart cards used by MasterCard, American Express, The Department of Defense, and numerous other companies and government agencies around the globe.

As RFID and contactless smart card technologies evolved into NFC technology, he served as an advisor to or member of the international standards bodies that promulgated foundation standards such as:

As VP of Global Engineering at M+M Mars’ technology division MEI, Jeffrey led numerous projects blending NFC technology with unattended cash acceptance devices and extensive Web-based systems. These systems supported diverse applications across areas such as Public Transit, Retail Self Checkout, Vending, and Casino Gaming.

Synaptic Has Extensive Experience In All Technologies That Comprise an NFC-Based System

Synaptic is a “one stop shop” with capabilities in all technologies necessary to produce NFC-centered systems serving virtually any application in virtually any industry. In brief, these NFC-related capabilities include:

In addition, Synaptic’s groundbreaking Risk Modulated Project Management™ methodology ensures that our development, whether independent or in conjunction with the client, will be delivered to-spec, on-time, and on-budget. And our many Financial/CFO services help clients ensure that the product has been produced and deployed profitably.

Our Representative NFC Projects

Synaptic’s Partner and Technology Practice Leader Jeffrey Anthony has assembled and led teams in producing numerous NFC-based systems. A few representative products include:

Our NFC Capacity

While the above information demonstrates Synaptic’s extensive NFC capabilities, capabilities without high-quality capacity yields little. Synaptic can rapidly assemble highly experienced NFC project teams from across the Americas and the E.U. -- teams of the same leading technologists who contributed to the above successful projects.

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