Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic Three
Enterprise Wide Cost Reduction
  • Synaptic Enterprise Cost Reduction (SECR℠) employs Value Analysis, TRIZ, Kaizen, and other methods to significantly reduce both product Bill of Material (BOM) and Manufacturing cost -- delivering an average of 10% to 15% reductions -- with savings in the 20% to 25% range not uncommon.
  • By drawing on all functions across the enterprise, breaks down silos to build a lean value and quality culture.
  • SECR℠ combines elements of Customer Focus Groups, Value Analysis, and Root Cause Analysis to improve quality and reduce the cost of non-compliance in all functions throughout the enterprise.

...Look for releases throughout June and July of '19.

Our recently released Risk Modulated Project Management video presented by Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic CTO and a co-founding partner is now available at: Synaptic Video Library