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Video Highlights: Risk Modulated Project Management Project Management / Product Development framework creator Jeffrey Anthony presents a brief executive overview of RMPM's philosophy and use.

He concisely explores:
  • When Agile-like techniques are right for a project -- and when they're not
  • When Plan-Driven techniques are right for a project -- and when they're not
  • Why almost every project needs Agile for some of its parts (sub projects) and Plan-Driven techniques for other
  • How RMPM
    • Uses risk assessment to "modulate" the degree of flexibility (Agile-like) and Rigor (Plan-Driven) by each of a Project's sub projects
    • Seamlessly coordinates all sub projects
    • Builds-in Quality at every step -- not just through periodic and end-of-project testing
  • Risk Modulated Project Management client successes that
    • Build a culture of delivery across the enterprise
    • Break down “silos” to put all players from all business functions truly “on the same team”
    • Bring client business in closer collaboration with customers than ever before
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Video Highlights:
  • Synaptic Enterprise Cost Reduction (SECR) employs Value Analysis, TRIZ, Kaizen, and other methods to significantly reduce both product Bill of Material (BOM) and Manufacturing cost -- delivering an average of 10% to 15% reductions -- with savings in the 20% to 25% range not uncommon.
  • By drawing on all functions across the enterprise, breaks down silos to build a lean value and quality culture.
  • SECR combines elements of Customer Focus Groups, Value Analysis, and Root Cause Analysis to improve quality and reduce the cost of non-compliance in all functions throughout the enterprise.
  • See more information at Enterprise Cost Reduction: A Case Study
Faster to Market. Less Risk.
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Video Highlights:
Risk Modulated Project ManagementSM adopters report superior Project Management and Product Development results such as
  • Time-to-Market reductions of 15% to 20%
  • Estimation Accuracy improvements of 20% to 30% for schedule and costs
  • Quality improvements reducing customer reported issues by more than 20%

RMPMSM does so by reducing project management overhead by combining Agile and Plan-Driven Methodologies
  • Assessing project risks at a highly detailed level
  • Breaking projects into lower risk and higher risk Sub-Projects
  • Using low overhead Agile methodologies on lower risk Sub-Projects and higher overhead Plan-Driven methodologies on higher risk Sub-Projects
  • “Need Triggered” meetings over regularly scheduled, fixed duration meetings
  • “Roadblock Busting” highly tailored management reports -- not “data dumps”
  • See more information at RMPM Pecha Kucha or Jeffrey Anthony Synaptic CTO on RMPM Benefits
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Video Highlights:
See how Synaptic is helping clients build a window into their business that brings competitive advantage through
  • Integrating a seamless BI / BA platform comprising off-the-shelf and bespoke tools that precisely meets the needs of your business -- today and tomorrow
  • Adding Artificial Intelligence and Heuristic components to the mix to help your Executive Team “see over the horizon” when formulating strategic plans -- and to offer prescriptive analysis to help define business priorities
  • Taking advantage of the latest IoT technology to continuously gather critical data from receiving through warehousing through manufacturing through shipping and customer delivery.
  • Working seamlessly with you IT staff to ensure maximization of the value of your existing databases and legacy infrastructure